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Our Workers' Compensation Product 

Coverage is ​provided by one of the most financially sound insurance ​companies in the region. With North Carolina roots dating back to 1994, Carolina Mutual Insurance was created to provide affordable Workers’ Compensation coverage to local businesses. Built on fiscally conservative principles, CMI maintains consistent profitability to remain a viable, long-term option for its members.

Carolina Mutual Insurance is administered by iSurity, Inc. which seeks qualified, proactive employers to become policyholders. The strength of CMI is built upon the cooperation of participants to support effective business practices which include:

  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Early return-to-work programs
  • Aggressive cost containment programs
  • Structured risk management programs

Highlights of Carolina Mutual:

Billing and general inquiries:  Toll Free 1.800.869.3999

Brokered Workers Compensation Markets


Billing: 1.800.645.2259

Claims:  Phone 877.399.6442  Fax 866.420.1404

Email claims forms to: easternwcnewloss@aig.com


ICW (Insurance Companies of the West)

Billing: 1.800.877.1111  (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST) or billingservices@icw.com

Claims Toll Free Reporting Number 877.442.9669


V3 Insurance Partners

Billing 1.877.430.0085

Claims: York Risk Services Group, Inc.

Phone Number 1.888.467.9675

Website: www.yorkrsg.com