Stand by for extraordinary changes!

iSurity billing and payment services could be so much better. 
We h​ear your feedback and are urgently working on upgrades. 
Stay tuned for new payment plans, methods, and overall billing enhancements.

I​nstallment plans

Minimum Premium ($1,000 policies)
25% down payment. Remaining premium ​billed in 2 equal, consecutive installments.

12 equal installments due monthly.

Payroll Reporting
Actual payrolls are reported online each month.  Calculated premium may then be mailed in by check or drafted through EFT. 

*Plan availability based on individual policy qualifications

​Payment methods

Mail a check payable to Carolina Mutual Insurance

 Regular: PO BOX 6455
High Point, NC

Overnight:    116 Rockspring Road-UNIT 6455
High Point, NC

Electronic Funds Transfer
- Auto-draft
- Monthly payroll reporting
- One-time payments

Register for iSurity's online policyholder portal access if you have not already done so.  Once inside, payment accounts can be set up.

 Billing and general inquiries
*We do not accept payment by phone